Big Sky Systems, Inc.


Founded in 2020, Big Sky Software is a software development company. We started as an office products company, J&H Inc., with a 40 year history of providing business solutions in Montana and Washington. We added the DocuWare Integrated Document Management platform to our sales and service offering in 1997, since then we have developed software modules to improve functionality and performance of the DocuWare system.

Building on our experience with DocuWare DMS, we wrote the DocuScripts Medication Order Management System.  Every client implementation has allowed us to continue to add functionality.  Today our client base includes hospitals in the United States and Canada.  Using the HL7 interface engine we combine both electronic orders and hand written orders into a single dashboard. The nursing dashboard improves communication between the nurses and pharmacists, improving patient outcomes and reducing medication errors 

  • We headquarter in Bozeman, Montana
  • PHONE- 406-223-5463
  • ADDRESS- PO BOX 4401, Bozeman, MT  59772