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DocuWare Integrated Document Management ( electronically manages your documents in a central document pool. We created these StapleWare® Modules to increase DocuWare functionality and to directly fulfill the needs of our customers. You can access the StapleWare® modules by clicking the button below.  Each module includes a 30 day trial license.

Desktop Apps

Deficiency ManagerThe Deficiency Manager shows which documents are missing from a list of documents
Web Client Integration
The WCI manager provides a link between third party applications and documents stored in DocuWare.

Server Apps

Stapler The Stapler automatically clips documents together that have common data.​
Process ServerThe Process Server  exports documents from DocuWare to a network folder or FTP site.
Classification ModuleThe Classification Module will automatically  assign document types after the documents are stored into a file cabinet.​
Remote CaptureThe Remote Capture module will automatically import folders and files directly into DocuWare 
Notification ManagementEmail documents, links to documents, or missing document alerts from your DocuWare file cabinet to anyone inside or outside your organization.
Tray Import Automatically transfer documents from your DocuWare document trays to a DocuWare file cabinet after Intelligent Index it finished.

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