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DocuScripts is an automated order management solution for hospitals that improves patient safety while supporting the needs of your healthcare providers. DocuScripts® provides critical information and instant access to orders which allows caregivers to track order progress through the DocuScripts® dashboard.

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Process Automation in the Pharmacy

Handwritten orders and new orders from CPOE are collected in a central document pool. The DocuScripts dashboard displays the summary of all orders, color-coded by STATUS. The pharmacy can then prioritize, enter, verify and fill the order without paper. When a pharmacist opens the order, the nursing staff knows immediately by viewing the Nursing Dashboard on the unit.

All orders are archived automatically and metrics are captured, allowing managers to report on order completion times, order volumes by location, staff productivity, medication errors, and more.

Registration Order Management

Remove the paper in the Referring Physician Order process. DocuScripts® captures e-forms, handwritten faxed orders or orders that are  emailed from referring physicians.

DocuScripts allows the orders, from any source to be imported, entered into the EMR scheduling module, reviewed by a specialist and updated for further processing.

Requisitions remain in the DocuScripts® dashboard until the patient arrives for the appointment. Electronic data for the order can be imported and synchronized with DocuScripts using an HL7 interface.

Contact Big Sky Systems, Inc. to help you design your system to your specifications and needs.  We will help you implement an efficient workflow that will help you improve patient safety and reduce staff.  The DocuScripts central repository reduces the time required to prioritize, schedule and process orders.  The Big Sky Team provides workflow design and consulting services as well as implementation support and staff training.

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